"In Service To America"                                                                        

 Vietnam Veterans of America and all of it's Chapters are committed to serving veterans and their communities. Here in Florida, the 31 VVA Chapters are committed to service. Service to veterans and service to our communities. 

Most of what these 31 Chapters do, does not make the headlines. In fact, headlines, are not what our Chapters are seeking or about. When we do make the news, that is (as they say in Louisiana - Lagniappe), it is not what we give our time, talent and treasure for. 

Three times a year, all of the Florida VVA Chapters meet as a group to share ideas, successes and opportunities. Each Chapter is charged to provide a report on their activities since the last meeting. This is an opportunity for each of our Chapters to learn from each other. 

It is an opportunity for our Vietnam Veteran delegates to establish relationships and information that can be applied to other Cities and Counties, but to work together to help Veterans and Communities across County lines. 

There are three categories under this tab. They are FSC Officer Reports, Chapter Reports and Committee Reports. Check them out. 

These pages will be updated after each FSC Meeting.  If you are a veteran or a concerned patriot, you very well want to know what is going on with your local VVA Chapter. as well as the committees serving Florida Veterans. 

And, now the "Money Talk". We need your support. Your contribution of "time, treasure and talent", is an important part of our Outreach Programs". Please take the time to check out these opportunities by, CLICKING HERE