Our motto is 

 "Never again will one generation of veterans, abandon another". 

But this is more than a motto, it is a way of life for the members of Vietnam Veterans of America. Every day, you will see VVA members reaching out to help veterans and their families, not just veterans of the Vietnam War, but all veterans of all conflicts. They provide assistance to help the homeless, the addicted, those suffering from bodily and mental, incarcerated veterans, and so much more.

 In today's economy, many veterans are facing unemployment and financial difficulties. At the same time, federal, state and local government budgets are strained and unable to adequately meet the needs of our veterans.  The bureaucratic process that veterans must face to get the help and benefits they were promised and earned, further compounds the problems that veterans are facing every day.

 The support of all veterans and patriotic citizens of their brother and sister veterans, is now more important than ever.

On the subpages below, you will find ways you can help. Please consider making a much needed donation to allow Vietnam Veterans of America's members to continue their outreach programs.


Thank you for your support.