VVA FLORIDA STATE COUNCIL                                              

Incorporated as a Florida Corporation on May 25, 1989 


The State Council is hereby established in accordance with the Constitution, By-Laws and Resolutions of the VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA, INC., a not-for-profit Veterans service organization incorporated in the State of New York and established by an Act of Congress of the United States of America, hereinafter also referred to as the Corporation. 


The State Council is formed to provide a formal, unified and democratic body representative of those Chapters and at-large members of the VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA, INC., located in the State of Florida. 

The purposes of the State Council shall be to promote and enforce the principles and policies of the VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA, INC., as set forth in its National Constitution and in the rules and resolutions and the Code of Disciplinary Procedures of the Corporation; and to promote and enforce the By-Laws, rules and resolutions of the State Council. 

The State Council shall represent the interests of its members, chapters at the State level of government and also with VVA National Headquarters. It shall through the establishment of policy and the exchange of information and technical assistance coordinate the activities of its local chapters so as to attain the objectives of the State Council and the National organization of the VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA, INC. 


The State Council shall through its representative process:

A. Develop the strength of Vietnam Era veterans as an entity through a coordinated effort of the chapters and at-large membership to enhance membership in VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA, INC.

B. Identify issues of concern to Vietnam Era veterans at the local, state and national levels and develop policy statements which address those issues, examining legislative or administrative proposals which may affect Vietnam veterans and their families and provide input through communications with appropriate officials as to the position of Vietnam Era veterans of the state of Florida relative to such matters.

C. Establish a communication network to assist Vietnam Era veterans in gaining awareness of those issues which may affect their social, economic or physical well-being, and to provide a mechanism by which Vietnam Era veterans may raise issues of concern.

D. Develop moral, political and financial support for the State Council and its chapters and at-large membership through a program of educational and community awareness. 

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