Florida State Council Vietnam Veterans of America

Chapter Treasurers, Chapter Secretaries, Chapter Presidents -2023


Over the next several weeks there will be many reports and filings that will need to be done by the Florida State Council treasurer and your Chapter.  Hopefully we can all work together to complete these in a timely manner. I am going to list these by due date. Please focus on the next deliverable which will be the Home Goods Report.

Email me or call me at any time if you have any questions or concerns at or 919-621-1841


1.     March 10, 2023


Home Goods Annual Report


I will need each chapter to provide me with their information on the annual HGSP Report (expenditures by each approved category). I will provide the total of all payments to Chapters for the period of 3/1/2022 to 2/28/2023. This report will be sent to all Presidents or distributed to them at the February 25 Florida State Council meeting. Again, I will provide the report with the total at the bottom of the payments made to the Chapters.  You are required to provide the allocated expenditures by category that add up to the total amounts for all of the approved line items that you made during the reporting period.  This report is due back to the FSC Treasurer (me) by March 10, 2023. No submission to National VVA is required as that is my responsibility to consolidate and provide the total report by category to National VVA.


Earlier submission is recommended to ensure you are not suspended from the program. This report is required for your Chapter to remain in compliance and continue its participation in the Home Goods Service Program.  Your Chapter will be suspended from the program for any time your report is received past this date for at least a one-month period or longer depending on the date of receipt.  Any additional funds not paid to your chapter will be distributed to the remaining (In Compliance) Chapters which means the amount is non-recoverable back to the Chapter.


2. May 1, 2023


State of Florida, Sunbiz Annual Corporations Filing:


Division of Corporations - Florida Department of State (


2.       Please be aware that there are companies out there that sound official and say they will file your Florida Annual report for an additional fee. You do not need to pay the additional fee if you use the link above.

All Florida Corporations including non-profits are required to file an annual report with the State of Florida. It can be done online or by paper.  There is a $70.00 fee required to file by credit card and you are able to print out a Certificate of Filing. You should submit a copy of your updated filing to our Florida State Council Secretary at

This filing is required to have your updated officer information at all times.  If you have not held your elections or provided your VVA Election Report this information is still required to be updated with the same information before May 1, 2023.


3.  July 15, 2023

Two very important items are required no later than July 15th.


990 IRS tax filing


Most chapters can file a 990-N or E-Postcard.  This can be filed on line and does not require any financial information whatsoever. Most Chapters only need to file a form 990-N (under $50,000 in revenue). The link for this filing is noted below to include a picture of the website reference.  If your chapter has receipts greater than $50,000 during the year contact me as soon as possible and I can assist you with how you may file the more extensive report or reach out to your local tax advisor.


You will get an acknowledgement of your filing via email. It is important that you keep a copy of this email.

Annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Exempt Organizations — Form 990-N (e-Postcard) | Internal Revenue Service (


This filing is required to be submitted along with the next report the Annual Financial Report to VVA National!


VVA National Annual Report


All Chapters are required to file an annual report with VVA National by July 15, 2023 although it is recommended that you file before that. This is different than the Annual Report required by the State of Florida. The link to the form that needs to be filed is: Word - Approved - Annual-Financial-Report.docx (


This is located under the website/Information for Members as shown below:


Microsoft Word - Approved - Annual-Financial-Report.docx (


Please note that the VVA National Annual report requires no financial information. National’s primary objective is to make sure the chapter has filed the tax return (990-N) with the IRS


Copies of the 990 and VVA National Annual Report should be emailed, faxed or mailed to VVA FSC Treasurer  as well as to National PRIOR to the Deadline of JULY 15, 2023.


Microsoft Word - Approved - Annual-Financial-Report.docx (


Election Reports


Chapters are also required to maintain at all times their Election Reports which reports their Officers and Directors to include their contact information and the Chapter’s Website if maintained. 

See the example below:

Please make sure you also send a copy of any revised or updated Elections Reports to the Florida State Council Secretary at