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Your Florida State Council Board is pleased to introduce you to our bi-weekly newsletter named E-Recon. The name was chosen as reintroduction of the Florida Recon Report which was the Florida State Council's award winning magazine.  The new E-Recon takes advantage of the technology and ease of emails. 

E-Recon has been fashioned to follow the format used by VVA National's "Web Weekly", a format used by many other national veteran organizations. That format is to provide headlines which then allow the subscriber to read those articles of interest to them. There is no need to scroll 20, 30 pages or more to find what is of interest. 

E-Recon endeavors to not repeat information or articles carried in other publications or newsletters. It's focus is on Florida events and information primarily, but it will also include National issues not included in the VVA "Web Weekly".  But one of the great advantages of E-Recon will be the elimination of many of the emails that have been sent out in the past to keep our chapters and members informed. 

If you are not currently subscribed, you can subscribe by clicking on the link below. There is no charge to members or any other veteran or patriot that just wants to be informed of VVA Florida happenings. 

We encourage chapters and members to forward articles they would like to included to  
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