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Florida Recon Magazine was an award winning magazine published and distributed to VVA Florida Members for many years.
Tom Hall and Ray Truelove were editors of Recon for many years. As membership grew and postage costs increased it became cost prohibitive to continue Florida Recon. Many thanks to Tom, Ray and others for their outstanding work which won the VVA National Award Newsletter of the year many times over.

Below are many of the Florida Recon Newsletters that have been scanned. Those that show a "Link" have been scanned already. Those without a link are available but have not yet been scanned. If you have issues that are not shown below, please contact 
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Publication DateVolumeCover HeadlinePublisherEditorLink to Magazine/Newsletter
Publication DateVolumeCover HeadlinePublisherEditorLink to Magazine/Newsletter
2009-06 Volume VII Picture - The Wall at Night Jerry Klein Tom hall Link 
2007-07 Volume V, Issue 1 Overcoming Obstacles Then, Overcoming Obstacles Now For Assured Funding of Healthcare Jerry Klein Tom Hall  
2007-01 Volume IV, Issue 1 Remembering 39 Years Ago Jerry Klein Tom Hall  
2006-09 Volume VIII, Issue 2` Picture - FSC Officers for 2006-2008 Taking Oath of Office Craig Tonjes Tom Hall  
2006-08 Special Edition 25th Anniversary Chapter 25    
2006-04 Volume VIII, Issue 1 Bringing Our Brothers & Sisters Together Then and Now Craig Tonjes Tom Hall  
2005-11 Volume VII, Issue 3 Remembering Our Fallen Brothers and Sisters Craig Tonjes Tom Hall  
2005-05 Volume VIII, Issue 2 "They Were Never Able to Say Goodbye" Craig Tonjes Tom Hall Link 
2004-12 Volume VIII, Issue 1 Wind, Rain, Death and Destruction Comes to Florida Four Times Craig Tonjes Tom Hall  
2004-05  The Sun Sets on key West and the Council of State Council Presidents Meeting Dave McMichael Tom Hall Link 
2004-01  Remembering the Women Who Served Dave MCmichael  Link 
2003 Volume 11, No 2 The Price of Freedom Continues Today Dave McMichael Ray Truelove Link 
2003 Volume 11, No 1 State Council Annual awards 2002 Dave McMichael Ray Truelove Link 
2001-12 Volume 9, No 3 Special Holiday Edition Dave McMichael Ray Trueloive Link 
2001-06 Volume 9, No 2 Vet Fest 2001 We Honor Our Volunbteers Dave McMichael Ray Truelove Link 
2001-01 Volume 9, No 1 Awards 2000 Dave McMichael Ray Truelovfe  
2001  Vet Music Fest    
2000-08 Volume 8, No 2 Newly Elected Florida Officers Dave McMichael Ray Truelove Link 
2000-02 Volume 8, No 1 Vetrock 2000 John Koprowski Ray Truelove Link 
1999-12 Volume 7, No 2 VVA Goes Hollywood John Koprowski Ray Truelove  
1999-01 Volume 7, No 1 Picture Three Soldiers  John Koprowski Ray Truelove  
1998-09 Volume 6, No 3 Setting the Standard for VVA John Koprowski Ray truelove  
1998-04 Volume 6, No 2 Tet Offensive Thirtieth Anniversary John Koprowski Ray Truelove  
1998-01 Volume 6, No 1 250,000 Attend Dedication of WIMS Memorial John Koprowski Ray Truelove Link 
1997-09 Volume 5, No 5 Convention Edition John Koprowski Ray Truelove Link 
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