2013-11-02 Agent Orange Committee Report

posted Feb 18, 2014, 4:41 PM by Rod Phillips

Florida State Council
Agent Orange Committee Report
November 2, 2013

1.      September Town Hall Meeting Tour: First, I must thank all chapters involved for
the excellent support in making this the best town hall meeting tour yet. Florida
still leads the way for WA in this important program.

We had 8 chapters participate in the program. We covered 6 cities in 6 days.

Something that no other State Councils or Chapters in WA have come close to
conducting. The following Chapters participated: 566, 1003, 96, 1036, 1040.

1041 and 23  A great job to all chapters who participated. We had excellent press
coverage especially in Tallahassee including radio, TV, and newspapers. The cost
cover travel for Ben, Marc, Tom, Mokie Porter and Nancy Switzer, plus
shipping cost of handout material and books total around $7,600. Unable to
report out expenses for October 2013 until in after the middle of November when
the bank statement is received. With the chapter's $500.00 contribution for the
program and the grant from the Florida Veterans Foundation, all cost was covered
with expense to the FSC. What a wonderful success.

2.      Spring Town Hall Meeting Tour: We are looking for chapters who wish to host a
Face of Agent Orange Town Hall Meeting. We are looking at March, April or May.
Notify Tom Hall as soon as your chapter approves conducting such event. Each
chapter donates to the FSC $500.00 to help cost of travel and shipping cost of
handout folders and booklets.