Subject: Women Veterans Committee Directive to VVA FSC Chapters…Important!

Date: October 27, 2021

I am reaching out to our VVA FSC Chapters with an immediate request for specific information about the women veterans, both in country and era, who are on your current membership roster in your Chapter, both active and inactive. The need to develop updated data about these women is really long overdue. At the very least, we need to know who they are and what we can do to assist and support them, certainly to guide them in obtaining their hard earned benefits and to educate them about VA and DOD services available to them. It would be deeply appreciated if you would provide me with their documentation to include the following:

1. Name & VVA Chapter to which assigned & positions serving+served

2. Branch of service…Corps?

3. Rank and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)

4. Dates of service

5. Status…retired? Service-connected disability…claim completed?

6. Florida State women veterans VVA Members-At-Large…ATT’N Dan Penzien

7. Personal goals in support of VVA if known

8. Vital contact information to include address, email, best phone number

In my position as your Women Veterans Committee Chair, I am committed to embracing, developing and supporting these women. So they need to be identified as well as their needs both personally and professionally. I ask that you please provide me with this information within the next 30 days. I am targeting having this information compiled no later than January 1, 2022.

My email address is concc1bjc@gmail.com and cell # 954/695-5957. This information will be shared with our VVA FSC webmaster, Rod Phillips, and to the webmaster of the e-Recon, David Treffinger. Your privacy will be protected. I encourage those of you in leadership positions in our Chapters to direct your women veterans to our website, vvafsc.org, to the Women Veterans section of that site for not only information but to encourage them to complete a much needed survey in that section for the Women Veterans Fact Finding Committee of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs (FDVA). I am on that committee and our goal is determine who our women veterans are as well as to identify their needs. This is a first in our country. You are encouraged to participate in our efforts. We promise to work untiringly to fulfill their needs and to make a difference for as much as we are able to accomplish. Thank you very much…

----------------------* She served, she deserves the best care anywhere*----------------

Yours in Veteran Service~

Connie C. Christensen

Connie C, Christensen, COL AN AUS (Retired)

Chair, Women Veterans Committee/VVA FSC

October 21, 2021

FDVA Women's Fact Finding Committee

Florida Women Veterans

Please pass along a survey to any and all Florida women Veterans . If you are not a female veteran, I encourage everyone to take the survey and annotate who you are, position, and recommendations in the notes section.

Thank you all for your support to help women veterans receive the best care possible!


Lisa Dean, M.S., LSSBB

CPT, U.S. Army Veteran


Committee Member of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs Fact Finding Committee on Women ‎Veteran Benefits and ‎Communications

Mentor and Special Projects Officer, Task Force Bravo, 13th Judicial Circuit Veterans Treatment Court, Mentors for Hillsborough County Veterans (MHCV- 501c3)

Ph.D Behavioral and Community Services, University of South Florida (2022 cohort-applicant)

FDVA Women's Fact Finding Committee

Florida Women Veterans

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