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Vietnam Veterans of America Chapters in Florida are extremely committed and active in their service to help veterans and their communities. Many of our Community Outreach programs go unnoticed except to the groups and individuals that are helped, But on occasion, the media finds an event that is of public interest and prints or broadcasts that event. This webpage will provide a summary recap of the events that were featured in a newspaper or on Television. For the most part we will not duplicate the article, but instead provide a link to the publisher/broadcaster of the media article. For those of you that are prospective members, these articles will give you an idea of our commitment to veterans of all eras, and our commitment to help our communities. For those potential donors, these articles are proof that Vietnam Veterans of America and it's Florida Chapters, WALK THE TALK. For members, stand proud. You are making a difference.

These articles have another message which is the motto of Vietnam Veterans of America,


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