Our Memories

In every family, memories are important. They can be photographs or hand me down stories.

Veterans too are a family, along with our spouses, children and friends. These web pages are devoted to helping us remember the memories we have. Some may be painful, some will remind us of brothers and sisters lost during conflict or to Agent Orange and other problems we brought home with us. But there are also good memories. The remembrance of a brother or sister: the remembrance of a special liberty: the remembrance of an entertainer: And Many more. Some of those Memories include what we do today in serving God and Country.

The Vietnam War was the most reported on and photographed war up to that point. That fact is important in regards to "recording history". But at the same time, because of technology at home, such as television, viewers were able to see a war every night like never before. With an unpopular war, with political gaffes and intrigues, we all came home to a divided country. But this group of webpages is not "left" or "right", "pro" or "con", it is simply "HISTORY".

The video played above is versioin 3 of "Old hippie". The Bellamy Brothers hail from Dade City, FL.

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