Benefits and Discounts


The purpose of this page is to help you know of benefits that you as an active duty military, retired or veteran have earned and are entitled to. These "benefits" do not include Veterans Administration or State of Florida benefits, but rather "commercial" reduced prices at restaurants and merchants. These change on a regular basis and it is near impossible for us to keep up with them. Please check with the restaurant or merchant to verify the benefit. Also, many merchants do not advertise or promote benefits for military, retired or veterans but still offer a discount. Do not be afraid to ask, especially around Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Let us not forget that many of us are now "Seniors". That is another possible way to save some cash.

Below is a list of "Commercial" and "Consumer" discounts that we have identified. And again, these are added, deleted and changed all the time.

Please support merchants that support us.

Benefits and Discounts — List page from Classic Sites