McCabe appointed as strategic advisor to VVA president

Vietnam Veterans of America President Jack McManus appointed Marc McCabe, Veterans Benefits chair for the Florida State Council, as strategic advisor to the VVA president at the national board meeting January 13-15 in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Event Summary:

Vietnam Veterans of America

Florida State Council Meeting

Vietnam Veterans of America Florida State Council Meeting

Start Date: 2022 Feb 25, Fri

End Date: 2022 Feb 27, Sun

Last Day to Book: 2022 Jan 28, Fri

Hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

  • Orlando Marriott Lake Mary for 109 USD per night

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

Florida Vietnam POW/MIA Bracelet Memorial

The memorial, which stands nearly 7-feet high, is located in Tallahassee just in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on South Monroe Street and has been a four-year project of Big Bend Chapter 96. It was approved by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who signed SB 416 into law on July 1.

Photos were taken by Chapter 96 member Bob Davies.


Women Veterans Town Hall Meeting revised - Orlando (002) (4).pdf

Covid Economic Recovery Program

Deadline has been extended until September 20th


Acorn lift chair, any of our veterans need one it’s available


John J McGinty

Thu, Sep 16, 5:07 PM (16 hours ago)

to David, Rod

Rod and David post all chapter call me. --

JOHN Mc GINTY President,

Vietnam Veterans of America.

Florida State Council.

USMC-1968-1974 VN.5Marines.

insect repellent,

spray &

suntan lotion


Bob Adkins, President of VVA1048 receives and thanks Walmart Ormond Beach for their donation to LA


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This email provides notice of First Coast Honor Flight, Inc.'s

inaugural Honor Flight later this year.

The sole mission of First Coast Honor Flight (FCHF) is to provide Northeast Florida Veterans with "the trip of a lifetime" to Washington, D.C. at no expense to them, to visit the monuments and memorials honoring their service and sacrifice.

For the past 18 months, serious public health concerns and the closure of most Washington-area memorial sites have prevented the nationwide network of Honor Flight Hubs from flying. The national Honor Flight Network Board of Directors has authorized Honor Flights to resume effective August 15th, 2021.

FCHF has set an inaugural flight date of Saturday, October 2, 2021 for a group of 25 Veterans and 25 Guardians to travel from Jacksonville International Airport to Washington, D.C. and return the same day. Six FCHF Staff members, including a medical doctor, will escort this group.

We are in the process of selecting the group of Veterans and Guardians who will travel on this flight. ALL SELECTEES WILL BE INDIVIDUALLY CONTACTED TO CONFIRM CONTINUED INTEREST AND AVAILABILITY. We will complete the selection and notification processes by August 31, 2021.

For the safety and wellbeing of Veterans, Guardians, Staff Members, and Volunteers, COVID-19 protocols and precautions will be in effect for all Honor Flights nationwide through the end of 2021. Additional information will be provided to Veterans and Guardians selected for FCHF’s October flight and to Volunteers wishing to assist with Flight-related events.

With respect,

Selena Hernandez-Haines

President, First Coast Honor Flight, Inc.


Purchase your tickets now call

President John McGinty 904.679.1947


1 VP Gary Newman 904.269.1857

Good Luck!

Thanks for your support!


Event Summary:

VVA/Vietnam Veterans of America Florida State Council Meeting JUN 2021

Start Date: 2021 Jun 25, Fri

End Date: 2021 Jun 27, Sun

Last Day to Book:

2021 Jun 4, Fri

Hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

  • Orlando Marriott Lake Mary for 108 USD per night

A ceremony will take place on Monday 29 MAR 21 at 1300 in front of Post 8093. Food will be available for purchase both before and after the ceremony.

Post 8093 is located at 351 S Charles Beal Blvd DeBary.

Thank you to all the Men and Women who served in Vietnam.

Chapter 1046 3-15-21.docx

Just released from VVA National.....see below

VVA Candidates and interest Members.

The Convention date has been changed to Nov, 2 thru the 6, 2021 and will be a in person Convention. The deadline date has been extended to June 30, 2021 and must be posted mark by that day. This is for "Letter of Intent" and all supporting forms except for the Finance Report, due on Thursday at noon before the election. Please feel free to pass this on to members. More information will be on the WEB site and the Veteran.

Adolph Gardner,

for the Election Committee

see awards date change below

vva 566 2-29-20.docx


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Feb 3, 2021~~

VVAFSC President John McGinty, with VVA 1046 President, Tony D'aleo and VVA 1046 member Steven Spickelmier at the annual "Four Chaplains" service in Jacksonville

Top Left Pic (R) VVAFSC President John McGinty, with VVA 1046 President Tony D'aleo 2020 recipient Tony D'Aleo,

Ctr Pic (L) VVA 1046 President, Tony D'aleo 2020 recipient (C) 2021 recipient Michael J. DelPizzo (center), and 2020 recipient Steve Spickelmier (R)

Top Right Pic (L) VVAFSC President John McGinty, unk, 2020 recipient Steve Spickelmier (R)

2020 Recipients

December 15, 2020

Urgent Notice Action Required

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2020 (NDAA) was recently passed by the House and Senate with enough votes to override the Veto by President Trump. This act has major importance, but for you the Veterans of Vietnam, none more important than the authorization of three (3) new presumptive illnesses; Parkinson life tremors, bladder cancer and hyperthyroidism. When it will take effect is to be determined, however I am asking that if you have ever filed and were denied or never filed but have been diagnosed with any of these new presumptive, please contact a qualified service officer as soon as possible.

If you have filed in the past for these illnesses, the VA will not automatically reopen your case. You will need to file a one of the following:

VA Form 20-0995 (supplemental claim, if previously filed):

VA Form 20-0996 (seeking reestablishing of a denied appeal);

VA Form 21-526ez (a new claim for disability if you’ve never filed)

Our office will assist any and all veterans in filing the correct paperwork to seek benefits under the new presumptive.

For more information please contact:

Marc McCabe: 727-742-3188 Or by email:

The above message is from Bureau Chief, Vietnam Veterans of America. It's important to read and take urgent notice of action your required to do. Pass it on to other Veterans, that maybe have these new presumptive illnesses.

Learn more.....

Learn more......

Dec 2, 2020~~~Mike Bousher, Florida Veterans Council Chairman, Past President VVAFSC on Mike above or the video below

Dear Sisters and Brothers of our Florida State Council,

Hello, I am Linda D'Agostino, AVVA member since 2011, and I am the Chairperson for this year's FSC AVVA Member of the Year Committee. I am sending out a reminder of the upcoming FSC AVVA “Member of the Year” nominations and elections. We are asking that all nominations be received by January 31, 2021. I realize that is a few weeks away yet, but time can get by us very quickly, as we all know.

Fortunately last year we received several nominations. Hopefully this year we can do even better. We all know of someone in our Chapter that deserves special recognition for all that they do throughout the year to help our organization grow and thrive. That someone who is “always there” to volunteer their extra time and energy. Someone who helps to make your Chapter inviting and encourages others to do what they can, no matter how great or small.

I have attached a bit of information about what we are looking for, how to spot that special person in your chapter. We don’t need a lengthy letter of recommendation, but please, a bit more than “I think this person deserves to be nominated because he or she is great.” Please email your nomination to me as soon as possible to:, or, if you prefer you can mail the nomination to me at:

Linda D’Agostino, 4709 Myrtle Dr., Ft. Pierce, FL, 34982

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and New Year to come. We’ll hopefully see you all in March when we announce our very special Member of the Year. Thank you.


Linda D’Agostino

Chair, Member of the Year Committee

AVVAFA Secretary

Delegate, Chapter 566, St. Lucie County

Marine Corp Birthday.pdf

Help us make this happen before these Veterans pass on...It is time to honor them

The Semper Fidelis Society is assisting the Korean War Veterans Association here in Jacksonville with a memorial monument to be placed at the National Cemetery NLT March 2020. Semper Fidelis Society and Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1046 are donating $500 each. Donations from others and other organizations would be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made to: Semper Fidelis Society

PO Box 28188

Jacksonville, Fl 32226

Any donation amount would be appreciated and will help us honor and recognized these War Veterans in perpetuity. It is long overdue!!

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