“Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”
― African Proverb

Vietnam Veterans of America has established four levels for the management and support of it's 79,000 + members. The first level is the National Organization. National VVA provides the primary direction for all units of Vietnam Veterans of America. It's policies and constitution are the governing body. The next level is VVA Regional Districts. There are currently nine districts. The role and responsibility of each district is to oversee and coordinate the activities and State Councils within that district. (Florida is a part of District 4, headed by Craig Tonjes). The next level is state council. Here in Florida, our governing body is the Vietnam Veterans of America Florida State Council.  The Officers of the Florida State Council van be viewed at the Officers Page - CLICK HERE. The final level is the individual Chapters. The individual chapters are the heartbeat of the organization. It is they who are responsible to provide the service to other veterans and their community.
The Florida State Council consists of the elected officers, appointed committee chairs and an elected delegate from each chapter. In addition to committee chairs, the President of the Florida State Council, can and does appoint other individuals to assist the state council including a webmaster, chaplain, photographer, etc.
On the subpages below, we have provided information on these organizational units, their responsibilities and their updates.