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Education Committee


Chairman, Tom Hall
Email -
CELL - 813-294-4364
FAX - 819-699-8709
The mission of the Education Committee of Vietnam Veterans of America Florida State Council is to promote knowledge of the Vietnam War and of the Veterans that served during the Vietnam War Era. The Education Committee is actively engaged in:
  • Recognition of a student that participates in the annual Florida History Fair and whose submission is to the fair is related to the Vietnam war or Era.
  • Promote the VVA Education Program as sponsored by VVA National's Education Subcommittee.
  • Encourage Florida VVA Chapters to have an active speakers program to provide students, teachers and others in the community with information on the history of the Vietnam War.
Florida State Council Committees submit periodic updates and reports to the FSC officers and delegates at the Florida State Council Meetings which are held three times a year. Reports from the Education Committee are provided below.  
CLICK HERE to link to VVA National's Education Committee.

2014-02-08 Education Committee Report to FSC Meeting

posted Feb 18, 2014, 5:04 PM by Rod Phillips

Florida State Council
Education Committee Report

1.      FSC Scholarship: Due to a severe shortfall in the 2014-2015 budget, the FSC
Scholarship program has been discontinued. Reason behind this move is that
many chapters are giving scholarship well the excess of
$10,000 per year.

2.      On-line Interviews: The WA Education has a program were student can send a
request for an on-line interview about their Vietnam experience. This program has
been in existence for over
10 years and is very successful. We have taken request
from student from all over the world and the United S
tates. Solicit your chapter
members hard and request their support in this very strong educational program.
Those who wish to participate have them send an e-mail

3.      Florida Chapter Education Program: Any chapter that has a Speaker's Bureau
Program or any other educational programs, please submit an e-mail to:
marinedi@aol.comwith a description of your program and any photo relating to
this program.


2013-11-02 Education Committee Report to FSC Meeting

posted Feb 18, 2014, 5:01 PM by Rod Phillips

Florida State Council
Education Committee Report
2, 2013

a)      Scholarships: Now is the time to start advertising about the FSC Scholarship
Program. The application is available on Of course this line item
will have to be approved in the FSC Budget for 2014-2015.

b)     Education Guidebook: The VVA Education Guidebook in now available on
National's website, You can download all or part of the guidebook.

c)      Interview a Vietnam Veteran On-line Program: VVA has an on-program for
education titled "Interview a Vietnam Veteran."Students submit their request on
the VVA website and then they are sent to me at, at which time I
distribute the requests to VVA members participating in the program and they
answer their questions on-line. We receive interview requests from all over the
world including Vietnam. We need more participates to handle the large number
of request. Please solicit all your Chapter members who would like to participate
in this program If
they are interested, please have them send an e-
mail to

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