2014-02-08 Agent Orange Report to FSC Meeting

posted Feb 18, 2014, 4:43 PM by Rod Phillips

Florida State Council
Agent Orange Committee Report

1.      Agent Orange Town Hall Meeting: Due to budget shortfall and non-
response from chapters, we have cancelled the Spring Tour. We will
conduct the tour the last of September to first part of October. We have
chapters who have committed. We like to see two to three more chapters
commit. Remember the commitment comes with Some cost to the chapters
$500.00 to help cover travel of panel and cost of shipping the material. All
other additional cost will be the responsibility to each chapter. If your
chapter is interested let me know and I'll send you a "How to Guide to
Conduct an Agent Orange Town Hall meeting. Send an e
-mail to:
marinedi@aol.comto get your copy.

2.      Ships Added to Agent Orange List: For those in the Navy and in the
waterway of Vietnam, additional ships have been added. Check the Agent
Orange site at National

3.      Kadena Air Force Base: Large quantities of Agent Orange and other dioxins
have been unearthed over 47 barrels of Agent Orange buried under a soccer
field used by a school located on a part of Kadena Air Force base. The dig
continues and is expect to unearth additional barrel pinpoint by
underground radar.