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A HOME Home The landing page for the VVA Florida State Council Website. The Page features news, messages and Quick links. This page is constantly being updated. 
A HOME, About VVA About VVA Provides the mission and goals about Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) 
Appointed Positions Appointed Positions of FSC Provides a list of individuals appointed by FSC President to assist in the proper functioning of the organization.  
B ORGANIZATION Organization Overview of VVA Florida State Council's Committee Structure 
B ORGANIZATION, Appointed Positions Appointed Positions Provides a list of individuals appointed by FSC President to help or assist FSC in it's responsibilities.  
B ORGANIZATION, Associates (AVVA) Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America - FL Information and news regarding Florida Associates. 
B ORGANIZATION, Chaplain Chaplain, FSC Chaplains page with prayers and inspirational messages. 
B ORGANIZATION, Committees Committees Provides an overview of the VVA Florida State Council's organizational structure. 
B ORGANIZATION, Committees, Agent Orange Committee Agent Orange Committee Provides information on the Agent Orange Committee of VVA FSC as well related links related to Agent Orange and other toxins.  
B ORGANIZATION, Committees, By-Laws Committee By-Laws, FSC Lists the By-Laws of VVA Florida State Council along with any proposed updates. 
B ORGANIZATION, Committees, Constitution Committee Constitution Committee Information regarding current and proposed changes to VVA Constitution. 
B ORGANIZATION, Committees, Health Issues Committee Health Issues Committee A series of articles of interest to veterans and their families that discuss health and well being. 
B ORGANIZATION, Committees, Membership Committee Membership Committee Provides information on VVA Membership including reports and charts.  
B ORGANIZATION, Committees, Minority Affairs Committee Minority Affairs Committee Provides reports on the FSC Minority Committee's activities to attract minority veterans to be part of Vietnam Veterans of America.  
B ORGANIZATION, Committees, Veterans Advocacy/Government Affairs Committee Veterans Advocacy/Government Affairs Committee Provides purpose and activities of the VVA FSC Committee along with Federal and State links of legislative issues related to veterans. 
B ORGANIZATION, COMMITTEES, Veterans Treatment Court Committee Veterans Courts This page provides information and news on Veterans Treatment Courts around Florida and the Nation. 
B ORGANIZATION, Committees, Webmaster & IT Committee Information Technology Information on FSC website and tips on technology and websites 
B ORGANIZATION, Committees, Women Veterans Committee Women Veterans Provides information on issues of importance and relevance to women veterans. 
B ORGANIZATION, Florida VVA Chapters Florida VVA Chapters Provides a list of all VVA Chapters in Florida with contact and meetings information. 
B ORGANIZATION, Forming VVA Chapters Chapters in formation.  Provides a list of new VVA Chapters in formation in Florida. 
B ORGANIZATION, Officers FSC Officers Lists the officers of VVA officers with contact information. 
C MEMBERSHIP Membership in VVA Describes advantages for VVA Membership. Contains links to VVA Membership Application and a link to a list of Florida VVA Chapters. 
C MEMBERSHIP, Membership Information Membership Information Provides information on VVA membership eligibility and more.  
Showing 23 items