About Florida AVVA

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ASSOCIATES OF VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA FLORIDA ASSOCIATION INC (AVVA) was incorporated as a Florida Corporation on March 24, 2004. 

AVVA Florida is a statewide organization in support of the 31 VVA Florida Chapters and all veterans. The majority of the chapters have an elected AVVA representative that have input and coordinate support for their VVA Chapter. They also provide input to the elected officers of AVVA Florida. 

The AVVA Florida president is a non-voting member of VVA Florida's' EBOD. 

Membership in AVVA is open to all veterans, family and friends. The only requirement is a willingness to support the goals of Vietnam Veterans of America  and the desire to help Veterans and their families.  CLICK HERE for a membership application. 

A list of current AVVA officers is available at the FSC Leadership Webpage.  

Joyce Koprowski,President Florida AVVA
Email: avva@vvafsc.org

Ray Breault,
May 3, 2017, 2:34 PM