Welcome to the Home Page for the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Florida State Council. On this page you will find current information of what is happening with the Florida State Council of the Vietnam Veterans of America and our Florida VVA Chapters.. You will find information on this website about who we are and what we have dedicated ourselves to.  Our goal is to serve our country, ALL veterans and the communities we live in.

President's Corner 

Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters.  Hope this finds everyone in good health and spirits. Time has been flying by; it seems to be that way with each New Year. We had a great State Council meeting in February and was visited by our National President John Rowan. He presented VVA’s 2nd highest Award, the Achievement Medal, to Glayron Faries of Chapter 787. Glayron is stepping down as Delegate for Chapter 787 after 6 years of service but is still going to be active on the Chapter level. Thank you Glayron for a Job Well Done.

I was humbled by also being awarded the Achievement Medal which I owe to you. Florida has always been a force to be reckoned with and I am proud to serve you. I have been active with the FSC for over 16 years, served on the EBOD 11 years as 2nd VP, 1st VP and President. I am very proud to be a part of the best State Council in VVA. 

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Ben L. Humphries, President

Vietnam Veterans of America

Florida State Council

“Together Then, Together Now”

March 2014

Florida State Council Elections and By-Laws Vote Scheduled for June FSC Meeting

At the June Florida State Council meeting which will take place on June 14, 2014, VVA Chapter delegates will be asked to vote on two important matters. The first is the bi-annual election of FSC officers. CLICK HERE for a list of candidates and additional information on the election. The second matter will be a vote by the Chapter delegates on proposed changes in the Florida State Council By-Laws. CLICK HERE to review the proposed changes.  We encourage all VVA Florida Chapters to review the officer candidates and the proposed by-law changes with their chapter members. 


How We Serve

Vietnam Veterans of America have a strong commitment to serving ALL veterans and our communities.  On February 8, 2014, all 26 VVA Chapters in Florida gathered together to share ideas and ways to help others. All Chapters and Committees were asked to provide reports on their activities. Check out the Page, "How We Serve" to see the many activities that support veterans and communities throughout the state. CLICK HERE.  You will also find some informative reports on important issues by Florida State Council  Committees. CLICK HERE 


All American's can help the United States economy by using their consumer purchasing power to BUY AMERICAN. It has been estimated that if every American increased their purchase of goods made in the USA by only 5%, a million American jobs would be created. The VVA Florida State Council is encouraging all members to take the time to read product labels and understand where the everyday products you use are made.

We have provided a set of links to websites and videos that will you find more information on American made products. click on the logo above.

If you do not think you can make a difference, check out this STARSHIP STORY.

Veterans Treatment Courts

The first Floirida Veterans Treatment Court was started in Palm Beach County a little over three years ago. Since then, close to a dozen Veterans Treatment Courts have become operational or in the process around the State of Florida. VVA Chapters and members have been leaders on the establishment of these courts as well as Volunteer Mentors. Check out our Veterans Treatment Court Committee Pages. CLICK HERE.


A Memorial Day Letter from John Scherer, VVA Chapter 1088

“ Lest We Forget “‘

Memorial Day - Remembering our Veterans 

From Kipling’s poem ‘Recessional’, many of us retain the term ‘Lest We Forget” to identify with remembrance of our country and military as a reminder and a plea not to forget past sacrifices. The phrase, although not written for that expressed purpose originally, has become a humble epitaph found as the lone inscription on many war memorials and spoken in many military addresses. As common usage spread widely after World War I, this simple phrase has generated a continuous reminder to ground all of us in humility and as a reminder of God’s dominance in our lives, and the world, and the events of the past.

My Name Is America Video
Turn off Vietnam Music Above First

Photos From VVA FSC Meeting February 8, 2014

Special Events and Projects

  • There are many special events and projects going on in our State. Some are sponsored by our local VVA Chapters while others are special military and veterans activities of importance. We encourage our chapters, members and friends to support these activities. (To read more about an event, or to download or print a copy of the flyer or document, click on title. It will bring you to more information about the event including links to flyers.)
  • VVA Chapter 23 Golf Tournament CHAPTER 23 INAUGURAL GOLF TOURNAMENTVietnam Veterans of America Chapter 23 will hold it's Inaugural Golf Tournament at the Woodlands Country Club in Tamarac, FL on May 30, 2014 ...
    Posted Feb 17, 2014, 11:17 AM by Ray Breault
  • VVA Chapter 1046 Golf Tournament VVA CHAPTER 1046 INAUGURAL GOLF TOURNAMENTThe Nicholas J. Cutinha Chapter 1046 is pleased to announce that It will hold it's inaugural golf tournament on Monday, March 31, 2014 ...
    Posted Mar 20, 2014, 6:45 AM by Ray Breault
  • Vietnam and All Veterans Reunion May 1-4, 2014 THE NATIONS LARGEST VETERANS REUNION     On May 1 - 4, Vietnam and All Veterans of Brevard will present Florida's 27th Annual Vietnam & All Veterans Reunion. The event will e held ...
    Posted Feb 17, 2014, 10:01 AM by Ray Breault
  • Jerry Klein Honored in U.S. Congress Extension of Remarks for Rep. Lois Frankel (FL - 22)On November 18, 2013, Represenative Lois Frankel honored Jerry Klein of VVA Chapter 25, Palm Beach, in Congress. Congratulations to Jerry ...
    Posted Nov 24, 2013, 8:46 AM by Ray Breault
  • Endorsement Letter & Flyer for the Military Museum and memorial of South Florida t Gentlemen: At the recent VVA Convention in Jacksonville, Joe Martory (Chapter 620 & Former State Veterans Commissioner) was there to share with you about the emerging Military Museum & Memorial of ...
    Posted Sep 22, 2013, 6:14 PM by Ray Breault
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Two more Chapters have been chartered in Florida. Chapter 1088 in Nassau County and Chapter 1092 in Alachua County. That makes four new Chapters in the past four months. Florida is indeed hot, and had the highest growth rate for Vietnam Veteran members in the past year throughout the United States. .

But we don't t plan on resting on our laurels. In the next several weeks you will get the details on President Ben Humphries challenge to double our membership in the next year. 
If every member made a commitment to bring in only one new member in the coming year, we could double our membership. But numbers are not what is important. What is important is to introduce Vietnam Veterans to the benefits of a VVA membership, and to increase the numbers of Vietnam Veterans that can help us in our community outreach programs. Veterans helping Veterans. 


We’re helping the veterans who are coming home wounded or disabled get the medical care they need. We’re also assisting Gulf War, Afghan War, and Iraq War veterans with benefits counseling and other essential services to help them rebuild their lives after wartime service.
And we’re making sure that VA healthcare and other benefits aren’t the victims of short-sighted budget cuts that forget the service of our new veterans, and neglect the sacrifices they continue to make even after they come home.
We hope you will continue to support all veterans by sending a gift to VVA FSC today. Many thanks for all you do. For More information on how you can help, CLICK HERE

We Were Soldiers Once, And Young.

"We Were Soldiers Once, And Young"

This slideshow is a history in itself. It is a remembrance of the men and women that served during the Vietnam War.  We would like to invite all Vietnam Veterans to send us their photo so it can be included in the slideshow. Please include your name, branch, unit, location and date of picture, and if you are a VVA member, your chapter #.  So, comb through those old photos and send one of when "You were a soldier, and young. Send to webmaster@vvafsc.org If you double click on any photo, it will bring you to the album. 

Special Song
I haven't figured out exactly where I want to put this song, but for now I thought I would share it.


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