Welcome to the Home Page for the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Florida State Council. On this page you will find current information of what is happening with the Florida State Council of the Vietnam Veterans of America and our Florida VVA Chapters. You will find information on this website about who we are and what we have dedicated ourselves to. Our goal is to serve our country, ALL veterans and the communities we live in.


Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters. Thank you for your continued Service to America!

Another Melbourne Reunion was a great success. FSC and VVA Chapters have been involved since its inception. They deserve and have earned Respect for their Dedication and Hard Work OORAH!!!!

 I was unable to stay for the duration but Mike Bousher, Jim Rufino and Dan Penzien insured our tent stayed staffed. Dan, FSC Membership Chair, stayed busy taking applications and transfers from other States. We passed out information about programs VVA supports and answered questions the best we could. The comradery with members from VVA Chapters was heartwarming. 

 AVVA had its tent right beside ours and they were busy passing out Paper Safes and info about their programs. Thanks to Carol and AVVA members of Chapter 1040 for taking the time to support our efforts.

 We will have Elections of FSC President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer at our June meeting

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Ben Humphries
President, Florida State Council
“Together Then, Together Now”



At the VVA National Convention in Springfield, Il a film was debuted. The Veterans Voice
‘Proudly Serving Veterans of All Eras’
Friday, February 26, 2016


This March, Help Celebrate ‘Military Women’s History Month’

Our women in the military, both current active duty and veterans, have played major roles in our country’s history throughout the last 241 years.  They have served honorably in every U.S. war and conflict, from the Revolutionary War through our current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, distinguishing themselves in both times of war and peace.

Every March, our military women and civilian counterparts, both past and present, are honored  around the world at many bases, installations and memorials. Many communities participate in many honorable activities, proclamations, lunches, gatherings, awards and conferences. The history of their dedication and courage, both past and present, bears witness to their place in the history of our country’s great heritage…………..but in many ways, it wasn’t always so!
The film, “Finally a Voice”, documents the founding of Vietnam Veterans of America and examines whether the organization has stayed true to its founding principle that “never again will one generation of veterans abandon another". 

Florida State Council recommends that all chapters purchase a copy and show it at a Chapter meeting. This is truly a film to allow all members to better understand where VVA came from and what we stand for today.

The film can be ordered at: http://nvbdc.org/dvd.html. This link will also provide a short version of the film.

Meet a Villager

There are more than 1.5 million veterans living in Florida; 515,110 of them are Vietnam-era vets according to the United State Department of Veterans Affairs. The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1036 estimates that at least 17,000 veterans currently reside in The Villages. 

With statistics like that, it’s no wonder there are a number of clubs and organizations in The Villages that provide support to veterans and the communities they live in. One of them is Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Chapter 1036. With membership of more than 450 strong, it is the largest chapter in Florida and the ninth largest in the nation. Named National Chapter of the Year for 2013–2014, their accomplishments are numerous.

They routinely send chapter representatives to Tampa’s James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital to visit wounded veterans. Funds are provided for local student scholarships. Food and assistance are provided to area food banks. They support numerous veterans’ programs, including Operation Shoebox, Combat Veterans to Careers, Emergency Aid to Veterans, Honor Flight, Flags for Fallen Veterans, and others.

It’s those programs and more that caught the eye of Vietnam veteran John Thomstatter when he moved here in 2013. “I was impressed,” he said. “It seemed like an interesting group and I thought I could make a meaningful contribution.”

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Can’t find a P-38 at your local hardware store? Had enough of that “Bouncing Betty”? Looking for your buddies, but only know their nicknames? You Belong With Us. We wore dog tags when love beads were hip and sported combat boots in lieu of sandals. We are the Vietnam Era Generation who are proud we served our country. Now is the time for us to unite again and continue the battle to insure veterans and their families are taken care of. And uphold VVA’s motto “Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another” — we Honor You and Thank You For Your Service. 

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2015-08-18 Luis LaLama Member of the Year Award and Dinner

The Veterans Voice

‘Proudly Serving Veterans of All Eras’

‘A Legacy of Home and Hope, the USO Camp Shows’

It has always amazed me that regardless of how many people I have met during my lifetime, there seems to be several things they all have in common, which includes things they will and won’t speak of.

I grew up like many of us, with a penchant for being inquisitive about almost everything.  I was raised as a farm boy in the Midwest, with the only civilization being a crossroads ‘community’, about 1/10th the size of Bryceville, Florida!  I think many of us know what I mean and laugh, but to me, it was a special place with a typical old wooden church, cemetery, two houses and combo general store which was a tavern, grocery, meat market and card playing parlor for the older men known as Grady’s Store.

There you would find on almost any day, tables for four filled with ‘old timers’ playing cards and talking about more topics than you could ‘shake a stick at’, (including some I probably wasn’t supposed to hear)!  I was fascinated to listen to these ‘men of age and experience’ and their stories, whether true or not, and beneath it all, there was much to be learned from them.  I knew that many of them had served in both World Wars, but that was one topic that was never discussed in all those years?

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We’re helping the veterans who are coming home wounded or disabled get the medical care they need. We’re also assisting Gulf War, Afghan War, and Iraq War veterans with benefits counseling and other essential services to help them rebuild their lives after wartime service.
And we’re making sure that VA healthcare and other benefits aren’t the victims of short-sighted budget cuts that forget the service of our new veterans, and neglect the sacrifices they continue to make even after they come home.
We hope you will continue to support all veterans by sending a gift to VVA FSC today. Many thanks for all you do. For More information on how you can help, CLICK HERE

We Were Soldiers Once, And Young.
(This slideshow is a history in itself. It is a remembrance of the men and women that served during the Vietnam War.  We would like to invite ALL Vietnam Veterans to send us their photo so it can be included in the slideshow.) CLICK HERE for instructions on submitting photos.)


In an effort to further preserve the legacy of those who sacrificed all in Vietnam, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF – Founders of The Wall) is committed to finding a photo to go with each of the more than 58,000 names on The Wall. The Wall of Faces allows family and friends to share memories, post pictures and connect with each other. See more at http://www.vvmf.org/

Thanks to the work of volunteers, eight states have completed their part of the Wall of Faces: Hawaii, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Wisconsin.

Florida has 1,955 names on the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall and currently 777 additional photos are needed to complete Florida’s section of the Wall of Faces
. We are encouraging anyone who has photos to support this effort.

If you have a picture of a loved one or fellow veteran whose name is on The Wall, please help the Memorial Fund honor these individuals by putting a face with a name. Regardless of whether or not the Memorial Fund has a photo of the individual already, you are encouraged to submit it anyway. VVMF is trying to collect as many photos of each individual as possible. 

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