Welcome to the Home Page for the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Florida State Council. On this page you will find current information of what is happening with the Florida State Council of the Vietnam Veterans of America and our Florida VVA Chapters. You will find information on this website about who we are and what we have dedicated ourselves to. Our goal is to serve our country, ALL veterans and the communities we live in.


Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters. We had our FSC meeting this past weekend and it was great seeing everyone. We also welcomed Florida Keys Forming Chapter Ken Bell to our great Brotherhood. Florida Keys Chapter is planning on setting up a program for disabled veterans which will allow veterans to do some deep sea fishing and other activities. They are unfolding the Welcome Mat to all Chapters to make a visit to the Conch Republic.

At our FSC meeting we had the honor of having Donna Valin, Assistant Attorney General for the Florida Consumer Protection Division, give insight on the various scams being perpetrated on veterans. She is asking for our help to make her aware of any scams focusing on veterans or their widows. Please get your Chapter Delegate to give you a recap of her presentation and report anything going on in your area that is wrong.

Please remember John Koprowski will be interred at Bushnell National Cemetery July 10th , at 10:30 am. Your presence would be appreciated by all. John gave his heart and soul to VVA & Florida State Council. Read More. 

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This is an important article about Toxic research that is pending in Congress. Please make your voice heard. This is not about you, this is about your children and grandchildren.  
The Toxic Exposure Research Act of 2015 was introduced in Congress in April, 2015 by Senators Jerry Moran of Kansas and Mike Honda of California and Representative Dr. Dan Benishek of Michigan as a bipartisan effort. (Senate Bill 901 and House Resolution 1769). Upon passage, this bill will establish within the Department of Veterans Affairs a national center for research on the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions of the descendants of veterans exposed to toxic substances during their service.

There are many wounds of war including those not visible or known to our troops that they have been bringing home that may not surface for years, decades or longer, that most tragically may be genetically passed on to their children, their grandchildren and generations to follow. These toxins of many varieties have been linked to many major health conditions and handicaps in our returning troops for many years, which include many types of Cancer, Ischemic Heart Disease, Respiratory illness, diabetes, vision and hearing impairment or loss, skin conditions and many more health problems. There are also many directly connected conditions that have been documented in the children of these service men and women, and their children such as birth defects of many varieties

from cleft palates, Spina- Bifida, sight and hearing loss, Cancer, physical deformities, learning disabilities including development delays, and other conditions that include ADD, ADHD, OCD and ODD. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE of this important article. 
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We’re helping the veterans who are coming home wounded or disabled get the medical care they need. We’re also assisting Gulf War, Afghan War, and Iraq War veterans with benefits counseling and other essential services to help them rebuild their lives after wartime service.
And we’re making sure that VA healthcare and other benefits aren’t the victims of short-sighted budget cuts that forget the service of our new veterans, and neglect the sacrifices they continue to make even after they come home.
We hope you will continue to support all veterans by sending a gift to VVA FSC today. Many thanks for all you do. For More information on how you can help, CLICK HERE

We Were Soldiers Once, And Young.
(This slideshow is a history in itself. It is a remembrance of the men and women that served during the Vietnam War.  We would like to invite ALL Vietnam Veterans to send us their photo so it can be included in the slideshow.) CLICK HERE for instructions on submitting photos.)